Hockey Stick Putters

Grab a putter with a classic stick theme that use to be the most popular piece of lumber in any hockey players hand. Feel the old school charm when you pull this out of your bag.

  • Feel the pop when you hit the ball in your hands
  • New style grip for better alignment
  • Full mallet design with accentuated rear weighting complements this traditional offset configuration to position hand ahead of putter for solid contact.
  • Milled aluminum insert face to ensure a perfectly flat striking surface and reduces skidding for truer roll
  • Hockey Stick for Grip

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Composite Golf Putter





Northland Golf Putter





Titan Golf Putter



4 Heads to Choose From

  • Batman Head – 3*loft, 73*lie, 350gm weight, Stainless Steel
  • Eliminator Head – 3*loft, 72*lie, 320gm weight
  • One Timer Head – Classic Blade Style: 3.5 degree loft, 74 degree lie, 295 gram weight
  • Shut Out Head – 3 degree loft * 72 degree lie * 330 mg * Stainless Steel